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Imagine Your Ideal Apartment

Our apartment experts can find your ideal apartment. Do you have a great dane fur baby? Are you starting classes at a new school but don’t have a car? Want a top floor apartment so you never hear your neighbors? No want or desire is too difficult or too picky for our professional team. Most importantly we will stay within your budget. If your budget is tight, we will educate you on the amenities you can afford in the neighborhood you prefer. We have an exclusive database of every apartment in the city that meets our rental standards. Your apartment locator will search each one and find your next home, for FREE! The apartment community you choose pays us a referral fee for finding qualified renters like you, so you pay zero out of pocket expense for our professional service.

Online Apartment Search vs Personalized Apartment Search

Everyone does online research to find an apartment. There are so many rental websites online that the search becomes overwhelming. Each one with different pricing and most have duplicate listings. Be aware that online rental websites are primarily lead generators, packaged as a helpful apartment website. When you request information from a rental website, your contact information is being sold to 10+ apartments in the area.

An apartment locator is a personalized service with a library of information on each apartment. There are many apartments that look nice on the outside but we would never refer a client to live there. We have a list of standards a property must fulfill before we will refer our clients. We talk to unhappy renters all day so we know behind the scenes of each property; online reviews only tell part of the story.

Apartment Search Concierge

Rental websites tell the story the apartments want to tell. Apartment communities pay a marketing fee to advertise on those sites. Our apartment locating service compares to a concierge service. We have our own private database of apartments that meet our standards in every budget. Your apartment locator will personally verify the rental rate and units available, confirm the latest special, and make sure it meets all of your specific needs such as pet policy and location. Most apartment communities change their rental rates and availability daily. Your personal locator knows the questions to ask you never thought about asking. Don’t waste time visiting apartments that won’t satisfy your lifestyle.

Sign Your Lease With Confidence

Signing a lease is a serious financial commitment that should not be entered into lightly. Our professional apartment locators are also licensed real estate agents so we will be by your side during the entire lease application process. Your apartment locator can meet up with you and valet you to each property, or we can provide a more hands-off approach by emailing your search results and setting up your appointments. Each apartment community has a different lease application process. Some require you to apply online, others ask you to fill out a written application. Either way, your apartment locator is here to help and answer questions. After your application is submitted, your apartment locator will follow up with the community and confirm your approval.

Our Apartment Locator Service is 100% FREE to you.

Search on the go with our mobile responsive search tools. Desktop, pad, and phone is always available.

It’s easy to pick your favorite apartments from our website. Our interactive map is mobile responsive on the Google mapping API. Search each neighborhood on the map and you can see the price on each map dot. Let us know your favorites by entering your email address. You can easily finding the right location and a manageable commute. Our team is genuinely excited about helping you through the entire process.

How much does our service cost?

The apartment community you choose pays us a referral fee for finding qualified renters like you. There is $0 cost to you and the referral fee will not change your rent or the move in special offered by the apartment community. The amount of the referral fee varies by each apartment, and we do not make recommendations based on the amount. As licensed real estate agents, our legal responsibility is to put your needs above all else. Our mission is to find you the highest quality apartment within your budget, and our method is trust and transparency.

How It Works

First, we get to know you. Throughout the process we can communicate with text or email but initially we need to have a short phone conversation. We can accomplish more in a 10 minute phone conversation than 10 email exchanges. This also gives you an opportunity to meet us on the phone and start to build trust in our company and the process. Second, we will create your personalized search and get a list in your hands as quickly as possible, making it easy to get a feel for the perfect combination of price, location and lifestyle. After we narrow down the list to only qualified apartments, your professional apartment locator will verify the policies, pricing, and specials at each community. From there, we can set your appointments if you prefer to tour alone or we can valet drive you to each community at your convenience. The process is very flexible so we can do as little or as much as you need to help you find your next apartment home.